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Status January 2021

Posted on — Feb 12, 2021

Lots of things this month, the biggest being that I started to blog a bit more, thanks to the #100DaysToOffLoad challenge. Since I started, I feel it became easier to write my ideas down. I spend less time reviewing (for best or worse) and reevaluating whether a post is worth publishing. At first, I went with 1 post per day, I had enough ideas to put in writing but I was pressuring myself to release something everyday. I went back to a less aggressive pace, making sure that I don’t just publish to check a box. With all that, 18 new posts have been published this month.

One highlight of this month was WhatsApp changing its privacy policy, this alone made me write 2 posts and accounted for most of the traffic coming into the blog.

On the stats front, as per Plausible for the 9th to the end of the Month:

I’ve also been experimenting a bit to improve this blog, trying out Caddy as my web server in replacement of nginx to serve this blog and reverse proxy to other services.

All in all a good month, let’s see what February brings.

This is day 18/100 of #100DaysToOffLoad!