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Use your reMarkable as a whiteboard

Posted on — Jan 5, 2021

Hello World captured on the reMarkable

I’ve bought a Remarkable 2 when they were announced and received it a whopping 6 months later thanks to Covid-19. One of the reasons for me to buy it was the possibility to stream its screen to my laptop and then use it as a whiteboard to quickly sketch a diagram.

reStream just released support for the reMarkable 2 so we can start playing!

First, you’ll need an SSH access to your reMarkable. To do so, follow this path:

There, at the bottom, you should see:

To do so, this device acts as an USB ethernet device, and you can connect using the SSH protocol using the username ‘root’ and the password ‘XXXXXXX’

The IP address available to connect to are listed below:

If your reMarkable is plugged via USB, you can use

Let’s copy your ssh key over as reStream will need password-less access to your reMarkable.


I personally use this ssh config to just do ssh remarkable:

Host remarkable
	User root

You will then need to install lz4 on your computer, on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install liblz4-tool

You can then clone the git repository locally:

git clone

In it, you’ll find a precompiled binary that will act as a relay on the remMrkable, you will need to transfer it to /home/root/restream on it.

scp restream.arm.static

Last, fire reStream!

./ -s -p

You have plenty of other options:


This is day 3/100 of #100DaysToOffLoad!